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US, allies push for UN rights body debate on Xinjiang abuses

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The U.S., U.K. and other Western countries are pushing for the United Nations to debate China’s ongoing human rights abuses against Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang, according to a Monday filing.

The call for a debate comes more than a month after the U.N. published a report stating that China is committing “serious human rights violations” in Xinjiang. If agreed to, the U.N. Human Rights Council would debate the issue at its upcoming session in February, Reuters reported.

China’s abuses against Uyghurs in Xinjiang has been widely documented in recent years. The Muslim minority group has been subjected to forced labor, sterilizations and abortions as part of China’s so-called push to address “extremism” in the region.

The U.S. has accused the Chinese Communist Party of carrying out a genocide against Uyghurs. Internal CCP documents leaked in May revealed the grim reality, with one high-level CCP official issuing a shoot-to-kill order for anyone attempting to escape in 2017.

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