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By Rev. Ruben Diaz
Bronx County

Lee Zeldin Led Republican Party
to Significant Victories in New York

You should know that, although Congressman Lee Zeldin did not win his bid for governor of New York State, he led the Republican Party to obtain significant local victories defeating Democrats in a solid blue state like New York.

Bronx County, which is a Democratic stronghold in the City and a borough where many say “I am a Democrat till death, and I won’t change”. However, the Republicans got 30% of the vote.

You should also Know that New York is a State, dominated and controlled by Democrats making it difficult for a Republican to win elected office. However, this Election, with Lee Zeldin’s candidacy at the head the Republican ticket snatched 6 seats from the Democrats in the New York State Assembly, two (2) seats in the Senate and (4) four Congressional Seats.

It is important for you to know that, out of the 150 seats in the New York State Assembly, 65 seats representing New York City have been held by Democrats and only two seats Republican. Now the Democrats lost 6 seats and the Republicans instead of holding 2 seats have won 7-8 seats in the NYS Assembly.

In Brooklyn County, Republican Lester Chang defeated the 30-year incumbent Democratic Assemblyman Peter Abate. Assemblyman Steven Cymboitz, another Democrat, lost the Assembly seat to Republican Michael Novakhov. Assemblywoman Mathilde Frontus was defeated by her Republican challengerAlec Brook-Krasny.

In Queens County Democrat Stacey Heffer-Amato is losing to Republican Thomas Sullivan and in Staten Island, Republicans won another seat in the Assembly.

Another great victory for the Republicans is that they also snatched four seats in the Congress.

Despite New York being among one of the most solid Blue states in this Nation and a Democrat Stronghold, the Republicans won (4) four new congressional seats. The Republicans obtained the majority in the House of Representatives, and it is the State of New York that has helped send Nancy Pelosi packing, ending her reign as the Speaker of the House and the third in line for the Presidency of this nation.

As you can see, my dear reader, even though Lee Zeldin did not win the governorship, he has shown that he is a leader who led the Republican Party to victory. Zeldin has helped our communities send a strong message to the leadership of the Democratic Party, that the time for taking Hispanics and Black Americans for granted has come to an end. If the Democrats don’t begin to take our communities seriously, they should prepare for the continued Exodus from the Democrats to the Republicans.

I am the Rev. Ruben Diaz, and this is what you should know.

Rev. Ruben Diaz is Former NYC Councilman

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