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Parkchester resident laments coldness, heating problem

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A Parkchester resident, Donna Edwards, has lamented extreme coldness in his domicile, stressing that it is becoming unbearable.

Reacting via Facebook page today, Edwards stated that he was going to get an electric heater.

“It seems that in order to be warm I’m going to have to buy an electric heater!” he wrote.

“I work outside all day no matter the weather. When it’s cold I want to come home to a warm house! It’s sad that we live in a development that has a heating problem!” Edwards lamented.

He added, “No matter whether you rent or own we pay a lot to live here and we deserve so much better! It’s 42 degrees out right now and my apartment is cold.”

Also reacting, a resident, Susie Marquez, said, “It’s so depressing. Come home from a long day at work, a long commute in the cold to a cold apartment. Home is supposed to feel cozy, not uncomfortable.”

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