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Parkchester residents lament heating challenge, blame leaders

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Residents of Parkchester South and North in the United States have lamented a serious heating challenge.

This challenge was disclosed by resident, Saf Ina, via a social media platform.

According to Ina, the region is experiencing the challenge because heating usage is being conserved.

“Please please email out assembly members regarding heating in both parkchester south and north condo boards,” the resident wrote.

He acknowledged that he had confirmed with a board member that “parkchester is rotating” heating through buildings to conserve heating usage.”

“We need to email building managers as well as service managers and copy the below officials to the email requesting to confirm what the reasoning is behind heating getting shut off throughout parts of the night and/or day.

“We do NOT PAY rent and increased maintenance costs so the[y] can make us suffer for their budgeting, especially in the coldest time this winter so far,” Ina lamented.

Another resident, Maribel Santana, lamented that the situation has been like that since two years.

“This pass two years (sic) have been the worst here in parkchester north. No last night got up 10:30 pm and there was no hot water but today I have hot water and the heat is off,” she said.

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