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By Michael Laitman

The wisdom of Kabbalah is all about bringing people together.

Human connection holds primary importance in the method, and becoming a Kabbalist means becoming an expert in positive human connection.

For instance, I understand every person I have ever spoken to, and I have spoken to thousands of people. I find in each person some part of them in me.

It could be an enemy, an antisemite, a Nazi, a drunk, someone very coarse, a thief or a mobster. I find the same qualities that they have in me. It is not that I am a complete thief that dedicates their life to robberies, but that quality exists in me.

I have to let others feel that I understand them. And it could even be the most terrible criminal: I have to show them that I understand them, that I can somewhat step into their shoes, understand where they come from, and justify that I would turn out the same way given the conditions that they went through. When you relate to a part of other people in you, you can then easily talk to anyone.

Show me any person in the world who I am not included in? We learn in the wisdom of Kabbalah, whether you like it or not, from the very top to the very bottom and in all directions, that you are an integral part of all the souls. Likewise, you include all the opinions and discernments of the souls. Other people should then feel that inclusion when they talk to you.

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