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NYPD close ASA headquarters as 2 presidential candidates claim victory

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The New York police have closed the office of the president of the Association of Senegalese of America (ASA).

The police action followed the emerging disagreement over presidency of ASA.

According to a report, the two presidents elected by the two main groups collided at the headquarters of the Association.

The situation became chaotic, creating a real dogfight, and causing the intervention of the New York police.

Speaking about the situation, Serigne Mbacke Ndiaye, the President elected of the organisation (ASA) on January 10 2022 while talking to Parkchester Times correspondent, said, “The rule and regulation of the organization, with more than 6000 members, do not allow Mamadou Dramé to be candidate of this elections ( chap V article 4 & 6).

“He has three open cases in courts for escroquer. Team Sadio Barry (with Mamadou Dramé as Treasurer) sold our house in the Bronx for $ 870,000 and only $225,000 reported. people do not know where the money is and the community is asking for an audit. That’s the reason why they’re forcing the candidacy of Mamadou Dramé to cover the mess.”

He added, “The community has organized an election in ASA headquarters and those people organized another election in a private location to elect Mamadou Dramé.”

Ndiaye asserted that the community does not recognize Mamadou Dramé as the elected president of the organization.

When contacted, Mamadou Dramé denied the allegation leveled against him and describe it as defamatory.

“I can bring the paperwork and proof that everything that being said about me or the election is false and defamatory,” Dramé said.

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