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Borough president Gibson unveils Mayor Adam’s 2023 agenda for NYC

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“Mayor Eric Adams today has laid out his comprehensive vision for the City, with an emphasis on fairness and equity. His “Working People’s Agenda,” with a focus on jobs, public safety, housing, and healthcare, will be successful in seeing our residents and families rebound from a slow economy caused by COVID-19.” Said Borough president Gibson.

“While we saw the number of jobs increase by 200,000, our hope is that his new Apprenticeship Accelerator will connect 30,000 New Yorkers, from youth to adults, to potential career opportunities with educational institutions, labor unions, and other employers from various sectors. This initiative could potentially create life-changing pathways for our Bronx residents to enter the middle class, generate generational wealth, and invest back into our Borough and City.”

“As a Co-Sponsor of the Right to Counsel Legislation in the New York City Council, I was pleased to hear the Mayor is investing $22 million for additional staff to investigate tenant complaints and enforcement against bad landlords. This is essential in ensuring our most vulnerable residents receive the necessary support to remain safely in their homes and that their issues are adequately addressed.”

“With Bronx women disproportionately impacted by high rates of Maternal Mortality in the City, I have advocated for a Bronx Birthing Center in our borough to provide expecting moms with the dignity and care they deserve. This is a pressing issue for too many Black and Brown-birthing individuals and I am grateful for Mayor Adams` commitment to women’s health in hosting an all-hands-on-deck summit dedicated to Maternal Mortality. Under the leadership of Mayor Eric Adams, Governor Kathy Hochul, Speaker Adrienne Adams, and the female-led City Council, we will continue to push for policy changes to address this epidemic.”

“All traffic violence is preventable and we must do more to create the infrastructure to keep our roads safe for everyone. Mayor Adams is working with the State Legislature to advance a package of 6 bills that will increase penalties for offenders who contribute to traffic fatalities in our State. One traffic fatality is one too many, and highlights the need for all of us to continue to advocate for safe mobility on our city roads.”

“This is an exciting time for the Bronx, and New York City, as we look forward to working with Mayor Adams and our other partners in government to ensure the Bronx is not forgotten, and that our residents` voices and issues are heard.”

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