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Mayor, If They Don’t Want What This City Has To Offer, Send Them Back!

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By: Rev. Ruben Diaz,Sr.
Bronx, New York

You should know that one of the greatest virtues any human being can possess is gratitude. “Gratitude” according to the dictionary means “the quality or state of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness: It appears to me, and I’m sure to most New Yorkers, that the illegal immigrants who have been received and temporarily housed in a Hotel in New York City, are lacking in gratitude, lack the readiness to show their appreciation, and are bankrupt in their ability to show Americans, and hardworking, Tax Paying New Yorkers kindness.

The very last thing that this city should be doing is negotiating any terms for people who are not only in violation of breaking America’s Sovereign Immigration Laws, but they were received, transported, feed, clothed, received accommodations that our own homeless citizens, and war veterans have not received.

The sheer volume of illegals coming into our country and city has put an enormous strain on our social institutions and welfare services. Our schools, hospitals, law enforcement, housing, and shelter facilities have been negatively impacted and anyone with an ounce of common sense knows that this influx of people is unsustainable and greatly hurts the quality of life in our city.

You should know, Mr. Mayor, that what is happening to our city and the lack of gratitude that we are witnessing, is not welcomed among the Hispanic and immigrant communities. This disrespectful behavior on the part of the illegals housed in these hotels is not appreciated because it negatively affects all of us.

You should know that according to News reports, and hotel managers have reported that millions of taxpayer dollars have been wasted in food that were discarded because the illegal immigrants did not like or want the food they were given. There are reports from hotel managers that they are unruly, getting drunk, and not willing to comply with the hotel’s rules and regulations. Now they are refusing to be relocated to another facility to make room for other incoming immigrants, and they are now camping out on New York City Streets, creating tent cities like those seen in the streets of California.

As a pastor of the Christian Community Neighborhood Church in the Bronx, and as the President of the New York Hispanic Clergy Organization I am aware of my responsibilities and my duty to serve those in need. But Mr. Mayor if these illegal immigrants are refusing what our city has to offer them, I assure you there are thousands of legal New York residents who are presently in need and are not receiving what this city is offering those who are lacking gratitude.

This is unacceptable to the people of New York City. Now we hear that they will camp out in our streets until you and the city come to the table and negotiate. Please Mr. Mayor, say it isn’t so.

As far as I am concerned, this situation has a very easy fix. The only option on the table should be for all of those who are camping out on our city streets, who are refusing our food, refusing our accommodation, refusing to follow rules and regulations, is to put them back on buses and take them back across the border. That’s it and nothing more.

New Yorkers have enough problems to deal with, we don’t need this. Fix this problem and send them back, problem solved.

I am Rev. Ruben Diaz Sr., and this is What You Should Know.

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