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California Lawyer Elliot Blair murdered — Autopsy reveals

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Autopsy evidence has revealed that Elliot Blair was murdered.

The California man mysteriously died during a romantic getaway to Mexico last month.

According to a report, Blair and his wife, Kimberly Williams — both lawyers in the Orange County public defender’s office — were celebrating their one-year anniversary at a hotel in Rosarito, Mexico, when Blair was found dead on the ground outside the building.

Mexican authorities later said Blair stumbled over a balcony.

But his wife has disputed the account, saying she believes he was killed after a run-in with cops who demanded money from them earlier in the night.

Case Barnett, the family’s attorney, said autopsy evidence contradicts the account of Mexican authorities.

“The autopsy confirms that he, Elliot Blair, was murdered that night,” Barnett told ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

Dr. Rami Hashish, an injury expert who is consulting with the family, told the program that the autopsy showed evidence of skull fractures and that “nothing really points to the fact that it was necessarily an accident.”

Williams was awaiting results from her own independent autopsy. Two independent experts who looked at the existing evidence for “Good Morning America” came to conflicting conclusions about whether it appeared Blair fell or was murdered.

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