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Americans fault White House “mendacious” unemployment figures

Americans have faulted the unemployment figures released by the White House

The unemployment rate is at the lowest level since 1969.

The economy added over 500,000 jobs last month.

This is the Biden-Harris economy at work.


USA has a national debt of $32,000,000,000,000 with annual interest costing taxpayers $1 Trillion this year …..which gets added on top of the $32 Trillion

Nina Clark https://twitter.com/NinaFinancial/status/1626612713202802688?t=Vm4aeo5jOZ5UkXc8nUCDBA&s=19

It’s a start, you have to reconcile funds given to corporate America. The impact is not trickling down. It’s not hard you know where money went, treasury knows who got paid.

We’ve been over this several times. You can’t count people who were fired for the clot shot/shut down businesses and then rehired as growth. You also don’t get to claim victory for people picking up additional jobs to ensure they can afford food because of you flaming inflation

Tommy Pigott https://twitter.com/TommyPigott/status/1626609978780925953?t=qQ-A8emmNA2IvSDNgs82xA&s=19

Real wages fell at the fastest pace in 40 years.

Americans are poorer, with less real disposable income than when Biden took office.

A record number of Americans say they are worse off after two years under Biden.

This is the Biden-Harris economy at work.

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