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Toxic fallout of Ohio train derailment terrible tragedy — US Congressman Adams Schiff

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United States Congressman, Adams Schiff has condemned the toxic fallout that followed the rail derailment in Ohio, USA.

Schiff in a tweet on Thursday called for thorough investigation to unravel the cause of the tragedy.

“The toxic fallout in East Palestine, Ohio, is a terrible tragedy for the entire community. There needs to be a vigorous investigation and accountability,” Schiff wrote.

“We need to elevate the safety of people over profit or expediency. Our air, our water, and our future depend on it.”

Hundreds of residents evacuated their homes after a Norfolk Southern Railroad train carrying vinyl chloride derailed in Columbiana County.

The government asked resident to safely return home. Many residents are still reticent about returning home almost two weeks after a freight train carrying hazardous materials was derailed.

The tragedy has generated reactions from netizens on Twitter.

Next Level Baseball asked the government to “Pay every resident of East Palestine and surrounding areas any money you were going to send to Ukraine. All should be millionaires.”

Another netizen, Kenny B said, “In 2018, the Association of American Railroads spent $4,737,989, and Norfolk Southern spent $1,025,330, lobbying to reverse the Obama-era ECP brake safety rule that was designed to prevent disasters like this.”

“The Trump administration reversed it.”

“No. These companies need to be made to pay for food, lodging and medical care for the people they put in harm’s way when they choose to disregard safety regulations.

“Not bailouts from government. This is ridiculous.Our government is protecting the companies not the people,” TheOtherMe twitted

According to a report, federal employees across several agencies have deployed to assist in an ongoing crisis in northeastern Ohio, where a train derailment carrying toxic chemicals has created safety concerns and forced evacuations.

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