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Zelensky invites Chinese President Xi to visit Ukraine

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President Volodymyr Zelensky has invited Chinese President Xi Jinping to visit Ukraine, the Associated Press reported on Wednesday.

“We are ready to see him here,” Mr Zelensky told the news agency in an interview.

Mr Xi has not talked to Mr Zelensky since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February last year. But China published a 12-point plan for “a political resolution of the Ukraine crisis” last month.

The Chinese president discussed the conflict with his “dear friend”, Russian President Vladimir Putin, while on a state visit to Moscow last week, although the talks did not show progress on how to end the war.

China’s proposal includes a call for de-escalation and an eventual ceasefire in Ukraine.

But the United States has been dismissive of the proposal, given that China has declined to condemn Russia over its invasion of Ukraine.

The United States says a ceasefire now would lock in Russian territorial gains and give Mr Putin’s army more time to regroup.

Ukraine has welcomed China’s diplomatic involvement, but Mr Zelensky has said he will only consider peace settlements after Russian troops leave Ukrainian territory.


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