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NYPD Officer Brett Boller leaves hospital after getting shot in hip

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The rookie NYPD officer who was shot last week in Queens has been released from the hospital. 

Doctors who treated Officer Brett Boller said he has a long road to recovery, but is very lucky. 

There was true relief as Boller, 22, was wheeled out of Jamaica Medical. He smiled as he made his way down the path with his parents and gave us a thumbs up. 

“Today we showed up to applaud for a police officer that had the strength to climb back from serious wounds,” said PBA President Pat Lynch. 

Nine days ago, Boller was shot in the hip trying to break up a fight on an MTA bus in Jamaica. Boller’s fellow officers carried him to a police cruiser and rushed him to the hospital. 

“Him and Officer Rock, they outperformed any expectation. They were perfect, they were brilliant, and Officer Boller is alive because of their tactics, because of their efforts that day,” said NYPD Commanding Officer Eric Robinson. 

Dr. William Nugent, Boller’s surgeon, and his team worked hard to keep the rookie officer alive. 

“He had injured the femoral vein completely, the femoral artery partially and broke his femur. Those are all life-threatening injuries,” said Nugent. 

Boller, who has been on the job for three months, is now at an inpatient rehab center. How long he stays there depends on his treatment plan and progress. 

The alleged gunman, 22-year-old Devin Spraggins, was charged with attempted murder.

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