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Twitter to allow media publishers to charge readers on per-article basis

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Twitter owner Elon Musk has made an announcement regarding a new feature on Twitter that could potentially revolutionize the way media publishers charge readers. Musk stated that Twitter will soon allow media publishers to charge users on a per-article basis, which he believes will be a “major win-win” for both readers and media outlets.

The platform will provide a simple one-click payment method, enabling users who are not interested in monthly subscriptions to pay a higher price for individual articles that they wish to read occasionally. Although Musk mentioned that the feature will be rolled out “next month,” specific details such as the cost of the service, payment methods, and eligibility criteria for publishers to charge their readers remain undisclosed.

As of now, Twitter has not responded to inquiries from the Daily News regarding Musk’s announcement, and the company’s website does not mention anything about the new feature.

This announcement comes after a turbulent period for Twitter, which has faced ridicule in traditional media, late-night TV, and online think pieces. The platform has also become the subject of numerous viral memes, exacerbating its already declining reputation. Musk acquired Twitter in October of the previous year for a staggering $44 billion.

Chaos ensued when Twitter started removing the verified checkmarks from non-paying users earlier this month. These once-respected blue checkmarks, which were symbols of online status, have now become divisive political badges, reflecting the deeply polarized state of the world.

The backlash against this new policy was immediate, with popular accounts like Lil Nas X and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology denying allegations that they had not paid for a premium service.

Additionally, several prominent media outlets, including NPR and PBS, announced their decision to leave the platform due to objections regarding the “state-affiliated media” label Twitter had attached to their accounts. Elon Musk has since reconsidered his position on this matter.

Moreover, New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority recently announced its decision to discontinue using Twitter as a platform for providing real-time transit information. The agency cited the platform’s unreliability in delivering consistent updates, leading them to seek alternative means to fulfill their riders’ expectations.

With Musk’s latest announcement regarding media publishers charging readers on a per-article basis, it remains to be seen how this new feature will impact the landscape of online journalism and user engagement on Twitter.

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