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Free corrective surgery campaign provides hope for patients with body, facial defects in Cameroon

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In Cameroon, a campaign providing free corrective surgery for patients with body and facial defects is taking place in the military hospital located in Yaoundé, the capital city.

The initiative is a ray of hope for many patients who cannot afford expensive medical treatments and suffer from stigmatization in their daily lives due to their conditions.

One of the patients receiving medical attention is Fabrice Etoundi, who is seeking surgery to remove a bothersome tumor on his face. Etoundi expressed how he feels constantly stigmatized, saying, “I feel really stigmatized because you can’t go unnoticed. Wherever you go, all eyes are on you.”

According to the World Health Organization, 7.9% of mortality in Sub-Saharan Africa is attributed to congenital deformities. Many patients in Cameroon who require corrective surgery come from low-income families who do not have the financial means to pay for their treatment.

This campaign offers a lifeline to these patients, who would otherwise have limited options for affordable medical care.

The initiative is an important step towards addressing the lack of access to medical care and resources for people with disabilities in Cameroon. It also highlights the need for continued efforts and support to ensure that people with disabilities receive adequate and affordable healthcare, regardless of their financial circumstances.

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