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Is Joe Biden’s Policies of “Open Borders” Debilitating Other Communities?

You should know that it appears as though President Joe Biden, and the Democratic Party, are securing the Hispanic vote, and stripping the African American Community and other groups of the political power they have acquired.

Know that, when President Joe Biden decided to open the American Border, especially the Southern Border, and openly extended an invitation for all immigrants to come he encouraged millions to come. Given that the United States offers all types of Social Services, economic benefits are available to all who enter our borders, millions responded to Biden’s open invitation. Biden extended this invitation knowing and with the intention that the majority of those accepting his invitation to come would be predominately from South American countries knowing that most migrants crossing the Southern Border would be of Hispanic, and why wouldn’t they come given that it was by the President’s invitation and knowing that they would have no impediment in coming across the border.

Statistics indicate that 5.5 million immigrants have entered the United States Since Joe Biden became President. They continue to enter by the thousands daily, as “Pedro entering his own house”. Ninety (90%) of those entering are of Hispanic descent. President Joe Biden and the leaders of the Democratic Party with their Open Borders are importing future voters. All these millions of Hispanics will become voters that will benefit and empower the Democrat Party, securing the Democratic Party’s political power.

When these new Hispanic voters get situated, there are some very important points that President Biden and his Advisors, apparently have apparently not taken into consideration or perhaps purposely know fully well how this will impact other ethnic communities, for example.

FIRST: The Hispanic Community will certainly increase their political power, and consequently many candidates and elected officials of other ethnic groups will see their political voices, influence, and aspirations increasingly limited.

SECOND: This huge number of new voters will no doubt greatly benefit the Hispanic Community but it can also negatively impact the African American and other ethnic communities who will see their political power and elected political futures diminish. You will have to give President Joe Biden, and the Democrats thanks for that, and their Open Borders Policies and Sanctuary Cities.

And THIRD: It is important for you to know that, if Democrats Expect to Benefit from this large number of Hispanics, who continue to enter by the thousands daily, into the United States, they should know that Hispanics are mostly Conservative, Religious, and God-Fearing people. The majority of Hispanic People have an ideology that is opposed to the Social, Democratic, leftists’, progressive policies that do not align with the Democratic Party. Especially those Hispanics coming and fleeing from socialist countries.

As you may notice my dear Reader these points are of utmost importance. I know that perhaps I will be Criticized and misinterpreted for me pointing this out. However, I am sure that once again I will be proven right. When that time comes, I will simply say “I Told You So!”

I am Rev. Ruben Diaz, and this is what you should know.

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