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AUDF announces Africa Day Celebration in NYC, launches magazine

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The African Union Day Foundation (AUDF) has announced the Africa Day Celebration, set to take place in New York City at The Africa Center 1280 5th Ave, NY, 10029, on May 25th, 2023, in collaboration with The Africa Center (TAC).

This event themed ‘Destination Africa’ holds great significance as it honors African unity, showcases the diverse cultures and rich heritage of the continent, and fosters meaningful connections between Africa and the global community.

The Africa Day Celebration serves as a momentous occasion to commemorate the progress, success, and diversity of Africans in the city. It provides a platform to reflect upon Africa’s remarkable achievements and contributions. The AUDF has been instrumental in advocating for the recognition of May 25th as Africa Day, receiving accolades from city and state legislators for its commitment to promoting African unity.

In partnership with The Africa Center, known for its dedication to showcasing and promoting African arts, culture, business, and policy, this year’s Africa Day Celebration promises to be an extraordinary event. The Africa Center’s state-of-the-art facilities and unwavering commitment to highlighting the diversity and significance of Africa make it the perfect host for this grand occasion.

As part of the festivities, AUDF has also announced the launch of Daylight Africa Magazine. This premier publication, inspired by the exploration and insights of some founding members of the Daylight Africa Week Initiative led by Dr. Queen Mother Delois Blakely in September 2022, aims to amplify African voices, celebrate the continent’s cultural richness, promote transatlantic family reunification, and showcase its vast potential.

Sheikh Musa Drammeh, the Co-founder of the African Union Day Foundation, expressed his enthusiasm for the Africa Day Celebration and the launch of Daylight Africa Magazine, stating, “We are thrilled to collaborate with The Africa Center to host this year’s Africa Day Celebration, including the exciting launch of Daylight Africa Magazine. This partnership allows us to create a truly impactful event that showcases Africa’s rich heritage, fosters constructive dialogue, and strengthens bonds between Africa and the global community.”

The Africa Day Celebration will feature captivating cultural performances, thought-provoking discussions, engaging activities, and the unveiling of Daylight Africa Magazine. This celebration will provide a platform for influential individuals, community leaders, and dignitaries to engage in constructive dialogue and forge partnerships that contribute to Africa’s social, cultural, and economic progress.

The launch of Daylight Africa Magazine marks a significant milestone in promoting African narratives and shedding light on the continent’s vast potential. The magazine will feature compelling stories, captivating visuals, and insightful articles covering a wide range of topics, including culture, arts, business, and innovation.

In addition to the festivities on May 25th, the collaboration between AUDF and The Africa Center extends to other developmental activities and programs dedicated to advancing the African continent. By leveraging their collective expertise, resources, and networks, AUDF and The Africa Center aim to drive initiatives that foster Africa’s growth, promote its rich cultural heritage, and facilitate sustainable partnerships between Africa and the international community.

The African Union Day Foundation (AUDF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and celebrating African unity, history, and culture in Africa and the United States. Since its establishment in 2016, AUDF has been at the forefront of advocating for the recognition of May 25th as Africa Day, a significant milestone in honoring Africa’s progress and contributions. Through annual celebrations and various initiatives, AUDF strives to create platforms for dialogue, cultural exchange, and partnerships that foster Africa’s growth and development.

The Africa Center (TAC) is a renowned institution committed to showcasing and promoting African arts, culture, business, and policy. Located in the heart of New York City, TAC serves as a vibrant hub that connects diverse communities with the rich heritage of Africa. Through exhibitions, performances, educational programs, and strategic collaborations, TAC fosters a deeper understanding and appreciation of Africa’s vibrant cultures, innovation, and socio-economic progress.

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