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President Erdogan to take oath as president, to name new cabinet

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Following his victory in a historic run-off election, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is preparing to be sworn in for another five-year term, extending his two-decade rule. President Erdogan, 69, will announce his cabinet on Saturday, tasked with addressing an economic crisis marked by runaway inflation and the devaluation of the lira. While Turkey’s longest-serving leader faces diplomatic challenges amid tensions with the West, his inauguration in parliament will be followed by an extravagant ceremony at the presidential palace in Ankara, attended by numerous world leaders.

Despite economic turmoil and severe criticism over the handling of a devastating earthquake in February, Erdogan emerged victorious in the May 28 run-off, defeating a powerful opposition coalition. Official results show that Erdogan secured 52.2 percent of the vote, while his rival, Kemal Kilicdaroglu, received 47.8 percent. The eventful inauguration will witness the participation of at least 78 members of the international community, including prime ministers and presidents from various nations.

Addressing the country’s economic challenges, particularly the soaring inflation rate of 43.70 percent, will be Erdogan’s top priority. His unorthodox approach of cutting interest rates to stimulate economic growth has contributed to the prevailing economic crisis. The new members of parliament were sworn in on Friday in their first session since the May 14 election, where Erdogan’s alliance holds the majority in the 600-seat parliament.

In addition to domestic concerns, the approval of Sweden’s bid to join NATO has become a matter of interest for the alliance’s members. However, Erdogan has been hesitant in granting permission, accusing Sweden of harboring terrorists affiliated with the banned Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg will attend Erdogan’s inauguration and hold discussions with him, as the alliance seeks clarity on the matter. The Swedish Foreign Minister has emphasized the need for Turkey and Hungary to initiate the ratification process, while Turkey’s Foreign Minister has urged Sweden to fulfill its commitments in the fight against terrorism as outlined in the Trilateral Memorandum.

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