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Undeterred supporters show love for Trump at golf club despite arraignment

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Amidst a backdrop of beer-drinking, chants of “We love you,” and a spirited rendition of “Happy Birthday,” hundreds of Donald Trump supporters eagerly welcomed their beloved leader at his New Jersey golf club following his historic arraignment on federal charges. Despite appearing fatigued, Trump took to the stage at the Bedminster site around 8:45 pm to address his devoted followers after a court appearance in Miami on 37 counts related to the alleged misuse of classified documents.

“Decked out in a mix of formal attire and casual golf outfits, the crowd tried to uplift their hero. “Happy Birthday!” shouted one attendee, acknowledging Trump’s upcoming 77th birthday. Trump, responding sarcastically, quipped, “Yeah, nice birthday. Wonderful birthday!” The crowd then erupted into a chorus of “Happy Birthday,” cheering when Trump proclaimed, “We’re going to make it the greatest birthday of all time!””

“The gathering comprised a mix of Trump’s friends, including My Pillow businessman Mike Lindell and Rudy Giuliani’s son Andrew, along with local Republicans and members of his exclusive country club. Supporters like Betty Nguyen, who drove from Texas, joined the event, representing about 100 members of the conservative organization Vietnamese American for America First, all eager to see their champion. Nguyen expressed her love for Trump, stating, “I love him because he loves the USA.””

“Despite the gravity of the charges faced by Trump earlier in the day, the event had a mildly celebratory atmosphere. Attendees laughed, sipped wine, and took selfies. Some families even brought their babies in strollers, while others danced to the beats of YMCA blaring from the speakers. However, the gathering lacked the energy and scale of Trump’s iconic campaign rallies.”

“The event also served as a fundraiser for Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign, with reports indicating a private candlelight dinner for backers who pledged at least $100,000. The crowd chanted, “God Bless Trump,” and erupted in applause when Trump, flanked by four US flags, declared his determination to win re-election in the upcoming year and “totally obliterate the deep state.” References to President Joe Biden were met with boos, while Trump’s disparaging remarks about the federal prosecutor, Jack Smith, who brought the charges, garnered cheers.”

“Most attendees agreed that the accusations were politically motivated, aimed at derailing Trump’s bid to regain office. Antonio Rufa, 30, described the indictment as a “travesty,” believing that the prosecutors were turning Trump into a martyr while covering up crimes committed by Democrats. Vincent Larusso, 57, believed that the Justice Department was trying to prevent Trump from running, but he believed that Trump’s legal troubles would actually energize his chances of re-election, stating, “It will really energize others because we’re Americans. And America is democracy. This is not democracy,” referring to the investigation, “It is election interference.””

“Dominick Lombardi, a 20-year-old student wearing a red Make America Great Again cap, described Tuesday as a solemn day for the country. However, he expressed confidence that the events would only inspire more Republicans to vote for Trump in the future, asserting that Trump’s political comeback was the greatest of all time, based on his observations of the poll numbers.”

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