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New York City welcomes Rebecca Weiner as top counterterrorism official

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In a joint announcement by Mayor Eric Adams and Police Commissioner Edward Caban, the appointment of Rebecca Weiner as the new deputy commissioner for intelligence and counterterrorism was revealed on Tuesday. Caban hailed Weiner as the mastermind behind the NYPD’s formidable counterterrorism efforts, referring to her as the “architect” of their success.

Caban praised Weiner’s pivotal role in establishing what is now recognized as the world’s premier intelligence analyst program within a municipal law enforcement agency. He stated, “She helped build what has become the single best intelligence analyst program of any municipal law enforcement agency in the world.” With a background in civilian positions, Weiner brings valuable experience to her new role. Born in New Mexico and holding a degree from Harvard Law School, she has previously served in notable capacities.

Weiner’s family history further adds to her distinguished background. Her grandfather, Stanislaw Ulam, was involved in the Manhattan Project, a pivotal initiative that led to the development of the nuclear bomb. Reflecting on her heritage, Weiner expressed pride in her family legacy and emphasized her unwavering belief in the power of intelligence, technology, and knowledge as essential tools for ensuring public safety, saving lives, and preventing crimes.

At the press conference held at 1 Police Plaza, Commissioner Caban took a moment to assess the state of public safety in the city. Despite recent high-profile shootings and attacks that have caused anxiety among New Yorkers, Caban highlighted the positive trend. He stated, “For the first time in years, crime is down, subway crime is down, violence is down, shootings are down.” Acknowledging the concerted efforts of the leadership team, Caban emphasized that these favorable outcomes were not mere happenstance but a result of their exceptional work.

Addressing concerns about crime and perceptions of safety, Mayor Adams reassured the public that the days of disorder were now behind them. He expressed his commitment to transforming the city into an environment where all New Yorkers would have equal opportunities. Adams confidently declared, “The city is functioning, and you have a mayor that is committed to turning our city into a place where everyday New Yorkers can thrive.”

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