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Authorities initiate search for bear that killed woman at YNP

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On Monday, authorities initiated a search for a grizzly bear that tragically took the life of a woman, leading to the closure of a popular trail near Yellowstone National Park.

The victim, identified as Amie Adamson, 48, from Derby, Kansas, was found dead on the Buttermilk Trail near the Town of West Yellowstone, Montana, around 8 a.m. on Saturday, according to a statement from the state’s Fish, Wildlife, and Parks department.

Amie Adamson had gained some recognition for her 2020 e-book, titled “Walking Out: One Teacher’s Reflections on Walking Out of the Classroom to Walk America.”

The book chronicled her departure from her role as a public school English teacher in 2015 and her subsequent backpacking journey from Delaware to Kansas.

The cause of her death, as determined by Chief Deputy Coroner Beker Cuelho, was attributed to blood loss from a bear mauling.

However, it was clarified that the bear attack did not seem to be a predatory one.

A statement from the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Parks on Monday confirmed that the injuries sustained by the woman were consistent with a bear attack. Nearby, they found tracks from an adult grizzly bear and at least one cub.

The investigation indicated that the hiker was likely alone during the encounter, and neither bear spray nor firearms were found at the scene.

Authorities are continuing their efforts to locate the bear responsible for the tragic incident.

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