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Parkchester North Condo Owners Petition calls for special in-person meeting

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Parkchester North Condo Owners Petition has called for a special in-person meeting of the full board of North Condo

The meeting which was announced in a document  shared via a Facebook page, Parkchester Watch Group (PWG), was called to addressing some issues affecting the region.

“We the signed unit owners of The Parkchester North Condominum hereby request a special in-person meeting to be held at St Raymond Auditorium as outlined in the condo bylaws on page 8 which Section 3 states,” the documents reads.

The doc clearly stated that “it shall be the duty of the president to call a special meeting of the unit owners if so directed by resolution of the Board of Managers or upon a petition signed and presented to the secretary by not less than 25% in common interest, in the aggregate, of unit owners. ”

It stated further, “The notice of any special meeting shall state the time and place of such meeting and the purpose thereof.

“No business shall be transacted at a special meeting except as stated in the notice.”

According to the doc, the in-person special meeting will discuss the following:

1. Renegotiating, a lower interest rate for the renovation loan taken out in 2005. To save money paid on interest.

2. Providing a confidential and direct email address for each cluster representatives and at large board members. Currently the email provided only is viewed by management.

3. We request in-person meetings between cluster reps and residents on at least a quarterly basis each year.

4. Request revisions made for Honest Ballot voting results. Would like the board to request real-time results to alleviate any transparency concerns. A representative stated that they do real time elections results for unions, and that they can do this for a board elections only if the board request this change.

5. Request all future, annual meetings be held in person to help build a personal relationship with the board. Currently zoom meetings do not give owners face-to-face, access to the board to address the concerns and have questions addressed.

6. More transparency including owners being able to get copies of board minutes and other documents without NDA. More transparency about how buildings are selected for capital improvements such as elevators, ramps, etc.

7. Signage placed in lobbies with a local ambulete company that can transport elderly/ disabled up and down stairs when there is no elevator available due to elevator outages. Also instruct DPS to give out Ambulette number as wel.

8. Meetings between PWG leadership and Parkchester management as needed.

The doc requests a unit owner of the Parkchester North Condo to acknowledge receipt.

“You can sign this petition ONLY if your name appears on the deed of your apartment located in the North Condo.

“All signatures will be verified using public records that you are a deeded unit owner,” it stated.

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