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By Michael Laitman

God is the general integral force of nature that operates upon our planet and our universe, which is behind the existence of everything and everyone.

God wants to teach humanity as His children, for us all to recognize His greatness, uniqueness and love for us, that He made everything perfectly for us. Moreover, He suffers even more from our suffering than we do, because He needs us to undergo this learning period.

When we get through this learning period, we will reach a state about which it is written, “My sons defeated Me.” In such a state, we rise above our egoistic desires—desires to enjoy at the expense of one another—that He created to start with.

Why did He create us in egoistic desires that are the opposite of His altruistic desire to love and to bestow goodness?

It is so that we would become even stronger than the ego He created, that we will exercise our freewill to enter into a positive connection among each other. By doing so, we will reveal His quality of love and bestowal in our connections, and we will then come to truly enjoy everything He prepared for us: a harmonious state of eternity and perfection.

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