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The exodus from Egypt is the exit from our egoistic approach to each other to new relations of love and positive connection.

Being in Egypt and under Pharaoh’s rule means that we are under our ego’s control, which pits us up against each other, making us each wish to enjoy at the expense of one another.

If we reach a desire to leave such a state of unfounded hatred that we find ourselves in by letting our egoistic desires control our lives, and start to feel each other with open hearts—a collective force of love and bestowal appear among everyone—then we become ready for the exodus from Egypt to the Land of Israel.

The word for “Israel” in Hebrew comes from two words, “Yashar El” (“straight to God”), which means a desire to aim ourselves directly at the force of love and bestowal, which is God’s or the Creator’s quality.

By Michael Laitman

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