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Homeless man arrested for stabbing neighbor to death in Manhattan Chinatown Park

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In a tragic incident that unfolded in Columbus Park located on Bayard Street in Manhattan’s Chinatown, a homeless man has been taken into custody following the alleged stabbing death of another homeless individual.

The suspect, identified as Feng Huang Yu, reportedly engaged in a confrontation that escalated into a deadly attack.

According to prosecutors, Feng Huang Yu, 49, stands accused of fatally stabbing 48-year-old Chang Qing Huang, who was sleeping on a cardboard surface within the park’s pavilion.

The confrontation arose when Qing Huang asked Huang Yu to lend him cardboard material to sleep on as a thunderstorm swept through the city in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Assistant District Attorney Mathew Fontanez revealed that Feng Huang Yu, a regular inhabitant of the park’s pavilion, expressed displeasure at newcomers encroaching on his space.

Despite his reluctance, Huang Yu provided Qing Huang with two pieces of cardboard for sleeping.

Tragically, as Qing Huang lay asleep with his back turned, Huang Yu allegedly attacked him from behind, stabbing him in the neck.

A witness at the scene corroborated this account to investigators.

Following the stabbing, the wounded Qing Huang managed to make his way to nearby Mulberry and Baxter Streets, where he flagged down two police officers stationed at the Manhattan Criminal Court.

The victim provided a description of his attacker, which aided in the quick apprehension of Feng Huang Yu a few blocks away.

The murder weapon was subsequently discovered in the suspect’s possession.

Despite the prompt medical attention provided by medics from Bellevue Hospital, Chang Qing Huang succumbed to his injuries approximately 30 minutes after the incident.

During Feng Huang Yu’s arraignment, it came to light that “he had previously been convicted of felony assault in 2009 for an unprovoked attack on an elderly man at a homeless shelter.”

The suspect was also on parole for a 2018 conviction for attempted sexual abuse and was categorized as a parole absconder.

In light of these circumstances, Feng Huang Yu was denied bail and remains in custody.

The incident serves as a grim reminder of the challenges faced by the homeless population in New York City and the unfortunate consequences that can arise from conflicts within their ranks.

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