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New York residents lament alarming rise of Alzheimer’s disease infections

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The distressing grip of Alzheimer’s disease has tightened its hold on the populous regions of New York and New Jersey, as over half a million residents grapple with the affliction.

An even more unsettling projection reveals that an estimated 70,000 individuals are slated to be diagnosed with the disease within the next biennium.

In response to this impending surge, the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America (AFA) is poised to stage its annual Alzheimer’s & Caregiving Educational Conference.

This pivotal event, scheduled for Wednesday, aims to equip residents with essential insights to navigate the forthcoming challenges.

Esteemed medical professionals will lead informative sessions on enhancing brain health and comprehending the enduring ramifications of the disease.

The conference’s locale for this year is New Jersey, a region already reeling under the weight of 190,000 Alzheimer’s-afflicted residents, with another 20,000 projected to be diagnosed by 2025, as ascertained by a meticulous study conducted by the Alzheimer’s Association, utilizing state-specific data.

Charles Fuschillo, President & CEO of the AFA, underscores the empowering potential of knowledge, particularly in the context of managing the complexities of Alzheimer’s care.

Encouraging attendance at the conference, he affirms that “Connecting families with useful, practical information and support that can help them now and be better prepared for the future is what this conference is all about.”

Speakers at the conference include Dr. Manisha Parulekar, poised to share preventive strategies concerning brain health encompassing dietary choices, exercise, and quality sleep. Furthermore, Josi Shimkus, a skilled speech language pathologist, will illuminate attendees about the far-reaching impacts of the disorder on memory, cognition, and language faculties.

In the state of New York alone, a staggering 410,000 residents grapple with various forms of Alzheimer’s. State officials predict that this number will swell to 460,000 by the year 2025, an escalation attributed to the burgeoning population of individuals in their 80s.

Recent findings from the Alzheimer’s Association reveal that New York ranks second highest among all states in terms of the prevalence of diagnosed Alzheimer’s cases. Against this backdrop, the forthcoming conference on Wednesday will transpire from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the HOPE Tower, Jersey Shore University Medical Center in Neptune.

This event represents an integral facet of the AFA’s 2023 national Educating America Tour, an initiative conceived to disseminate knowledge and foster understanding about Alzheimer’s disease.

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