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Utah resident allegedly threatens President Biden, confronts FBI agents with Firearm during arrest attempt

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) disclosed that a 75-year-old Air Force veteran from Utah, Craig Robertson, who had been accused of making violent threats against President Joe Biden, pointed a 357 revolver at FBI agents during an attempt to arrest him.

The incident took place last Wednesday in Provo, Utah, just hours before President Biden’s scheduled visit to Salt Lake City.

Court records that were unsealed subsequent to the raid revealed that Robertson faced three felony charges, which included making threats against the President and FBI agents who had been conducting a months-long investigation into his activities.

FBI spokesperson Sandra Barker confirmed that “during the attempted arrest, Robertson resisted and directed his firearm towards the agents.”

Law enforcement sources speaking anonymously confirmed that Robertson was armed at the time of the confrontation.

The statement released by the FBI on Monday further illuminated the details surrounding the incident, stating that “Robertson had indeed pointed his .357 revolver at the law enforcement officers.”

Notably, the release did not address whether Robertson fired at the agents or whether body cameras were in use during the encounter.

Robertson’s family, in response to the incident, had previously refuted any notion that he posed a threat to anyone.

Robertson’s daughter, Shanda Robertson, declined to comment on the situation at this time.

The family’s statement conveyed a different perspective on his character, contrasting with the perception of some neighbors who described him as a religious and caring individual.

The months preceding the event saw Robertson issuing threats directed at prominent Democrats, including figures involved in legal actions against former President Donald Trump, Vice President Kamala Harris, and President Biden.

The nature of these threats escalated as the President’s visit drew near, culminating in social media posts where Robertson alluded to using a sniper rifle and donning a camouflage “ghillie suit.”

The investigation unveiled that Robertson’s online activity showcased images of various firearms which he referred to as “eradication tools,” coupled with explicit threats against public officials.

This online behavior presented a stark contrast to the image painted by some of his neighbors, who saw him as an ardent believer in right-wing politics.

These neighbors, however, questioned the proportionality of the FBI’s response, considering Robertson’s physical condition and right-leaning views.

Eyewitnesses recounted the early morning arrest attempt by FBI agents, during which a battering ram was employed to breach Robertson’s front door.

A tactical vehicle was then driven onto his lawn, and shots were exchanged before the elderly veteran was brought under control.

The subsequent investigation by the FBI included the clearing of his residence and the collection of evidence.

The FBI, acknowledging the significance of the incident, stated that its inspection division would be engaged in a comprehensive review of the events that transpired. Such reviews in cases involving FBI agent-involved shootings are known to span several months.

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