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Nassau officer uses SUV to disarm female suspect

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Nassau County law enforcement officer employed a marked patrol SUV to effectively neutralize and disarm a female suspect during an incident that transpired on Tuesday afternoon.

The incident unfolded at a significant juncture located in North Bellmore.

The law enforcement authorities responded to an emergent situation at approximately 2:20 p.m., as summoned to the crossing point of Jerusalem and Bellmore avenues.

The individual in question, a 33-year-old female, remains unnamed in official reports.

She stands accused of discharging a single round from a semi-automatic handgun into the air.

She also purportedly brandished the weapon in a menacing manner towards passing vehicles.

The unsettling display triggered a heightened state of alarm amongst innocent occupants within the vehicles, as they felt their safety compromised.

In response to this perilous scenario, Nassau County Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder delivered a statement elucidating the course of events.

He conveyed that “the individual’s reckless actions had placed unsuspecting individuals in a state of trepidation, due to her apparent disregard for their well-being while wielding the firearm within her vicinity.”

Law enforcement officers present on the scene made a collective decision to employ their patrol SUV to execute a calculated maneuver.

This maneuver resulted in contact with the individual, causing her to be forcefully incapacitated and brought to the ground, subsequently disarming her.

This authoritative intervention aimed at subduing the threat was captured in a video credited to the Instagram account “lawenforcement__”.

The incident underscores the demanding and dynamic nature of law enforcement operations, where swift and precise action is sometimes imperative to ensure the safety and security of the public and those involved.

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