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Bronx suspects impersonate police, forcefully enter residence

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In the early hours of Wednesday morning, at precisely 3:00 a.m., a brazen incident unfolded within the Clason Point neighborhood of the Bronx.

A total of four individuals, cunningly masquerading as law enforcement officers, embarked on a nefarious mission, forcefully gaining entry into a residential complex.

According to a report, their initial target was a 59-year-old woman’s apartment.

“Armed with audacity and firearms, these impostors boldly presented themselves as police officers and coerced their way into her domicile,” the report unveiled.

It was also reported that “at gunpoint, they compelled the resident to assume a prone position on the floor, subsequently pilfering an estimated $18,500 worth of her personal belongings.”

Undeterred by their initial exploit, the quartet proceeded to a neighboring apartment. Once again, the ruse of being police officers was employed to break down the barriers of entry.

With firearms menacingly brandished, the group forcibly invaded the dwelling, where a 40-year-old man was residing.

In a display of sheer aggression, they unleashed physical violence upon the victim, striking him in the facial region.

This brutal blow was followed by an act of restraint, effectively immobilizing the man.

The incident, marked by its audacious and calculated nature, underscores the vulnerability of residents to such flagrant criminal endeavors.

Law enforcement agencies have launched a comprehensive investigation into the matter, with the aim of apprehending the individuals responsible for this reprehensible act.

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the need for vigilance and caution within the confines of one’s own home, as well as the importance of community cooperation in the pursuit of justice.

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