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Can You Tell Me Some Questions Which Will Help Me Introspect?

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By Michael Laitman

Do I have love for humanity?

If it seems too far-fetched to have love for humanity from the beginning, then you could start with love for people in your own country.

How do you check if you have love for people in your country?

Are you willing to share everything you have with them?

If you feel love for them, then you would certainly share everything you have with them, just like you do in the family.

Today, we might be willing to be decent citizens who find a place of work and who pay their taxes, but nature requires more from us.

Nature wants us all to feel a much deeper connection to each other, “as one man with one heart.” Achieving a love-fueled connection is a condition set in nature, and it runs against our egoistic nature, where we wish to enjoy for self-benefit at the expense of each other.

While we do not want to prioritize the benefit of others according to our egoistic nature, we can, however, counter our egoistic desire in order to start taking others into consideration. It depends solely on the way we influence each other. If we set up our communications in our societies, cultures and the media to influence each other with values and examples of mutual consideration, then we will strengthen each other to positively connect above our egoistic drives.

We need to evolve in our mutual awareness to understand that our positive connection to each other above our egoistic drives is no matter of ethics or morals. It is rather a condition set in nature. The more we let our egos develop without any motions to positively connect above them, the more we will fall into a bigger and bigger pit of troubles. We thus need to bring ourselves to a state where we will tell ourselves that we have to achieve a positive connection because it is the highest law of nature.

We neither understand nor feel it. On the contrary, we constantly think in an opposite direction, about how we can make ourselves more comfortable.

Our every desire, thought and action is for our personal benefit, from how we sit, eat and drink to how we aim ourselves at various goals in our lives.

Nature, however, demands of us to elevate ourselves above our inborn nature and instead of thinking about ourselves, to think about others. Such awareness should gradually bring us to a state of realizing that we simply cannot desire, think and act for the benefit of others, and in order to do so, we need to ask—to ask for the force of love to enter our connections.

Nature created our world in such a way so that we eventually reach a genuine request for help, called a “prayer.” We will then connect with the upper force in nature, and it will pass on the force of love to everyone. We will then all become as one unit, sharing a harmonious and peaceful existence in a single connection among each other and with the positive force of love that dwells in nature.

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