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Kentucky police rescue woman chained to floor of residence

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Police in Kentucky have successfully rescued a woman who was found chained to the floor of a residence.

Police help came following the timely alert from neighbors.

According to WABC-TV, the incident unfolded last Wednesday, occurring within the confines of Louisville.

“Neighbors in the vicinity were alerted to distressing cries for assistance emanating from the premises,” WABC-TV reports.

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, they promptly contacted emergency services via a 911 call, facilitating swift police response.

Upon arriving at the scene, law enforcement officers were confronted with the challenging task of reaching the distressed woman who was confined to the second-story of the building.

Employing a ladder, officers gained access to a second-story window, allowing them to approach the dire situation.

Body camera footage subsequently released by the police depicted their efforts to liberate the woman from her restraints. Employing an ax, they skillfully worked to break the chain that bound her.

During this tense moment, audio captured the woman expressing her apologies while tearfully informing the officers that the key to the lock securing her was in possession of the person responsible for her captivity.

The woman’s resilience played a pivotal role in her eventual rescue. She managed to shatter a window within the room, enabling her desperate cries for help to reach her vigilant neighbors.

This pivotal communication ultimately became the lifeline that facilitated her liberation from captivity.

As the officers successfully secured her freedom, the woman expressed her heartfelt gratitude, acknowledging the significance of their intervention. With the woman now free, rescue personnel utilized bolt cutters to sever the chain that had held her captive.

This emotional moment played out on the front porch of the residence, where she was visibly overcome with emotion.

Two days following her dramatic rescue, the police took 36-year-old Moises May into custody. Investigations revealed that the woman and May share a child, underscoring the complex relationship between the two. May is currently facing multiple serious charges, including kidnapping and assault.

Legal proceedings are underway, and Moises May remains detained on a substantial cash bond of $100,000. His court appearance is scheduled for August 28, wherein he will address the charges brought against him in connection with this harrowing incident.

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