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Man charged with hammer murder of roommate in Sunset Park

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In a shocking incident that has sent shockwaves through the Sunset Park community, 47-year-old Liyong Ye stands accused of the hammer murder of his roommate, Zhou Zhou.

According to reports, the gruesome attack, which left Zhou dead and her two young children in critical condition, was allegedly premeditated due to a dispute over living conditions in their shared apartment.

The reports unveiled that “Ye, who occupied one of the bedrooms with his 9-year-old son, had reportedly grown increasingly dissatisfied with the living conditions in the cramped three-bedroom apartment.”

The victim, Zhou, along with her family, occupied another room, while a third room was rented by an unrelated tenant.

In the weeks leading up to the tragic incident, Ye had voiced his complaints to a third roommate about the state of the kitchen and bathroom, signaling his growing frustration.

Earlier on the fateful Monday, Ye had even made a distressing phone call to the same roommate, hinting at his intention to confront Zhou and engage in a fight with her.

Tragedy struck later that day when the unidentified roommate returned home to a horrifying scene.

They discovered a bloodied Ye standing over Zhou and her two children, wielding a hammer in his hand.

The immediate aftermath of the attack left Zhou dead and her children’s lives hanging in the balance.

During the court proceedings, the judge granted the prosecutor’s request to remand Ye without bail, citing concerns about him being a flight risk. This decision comes as Ye’s first run-in with the law, according to his defense attorney.

Despite this being his first criminal incident, officials have not identified any apparent mental health or substance abuse issues.

The tight-knit Sunset Park neighborhood remains in shock as authorities continue to investigate the motive behind this heinous crime and pray for the recovery of the innocent children caught in the tragic crossfire.

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