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Trump’s mug shot release boosts campaign coffers by $7 million

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Former President Donald Trump’s recent mug shot release appears to have acted as a financial windfall for his 2024 campaign.

According to his campaign spokesperson, the release of Trump’s mug shot resulted in a substantial increase in campaign contributions, with a reported total of $7.1 million raised since Thursday night. This comes after Trump was booked on 13 felony charges linked to an alleged plot to overturn the Georgia presidential election results.

Highlighting a significant surge, the campaign spokesperson revealed that an impressive $4.18 million was gathered in donations on Saturday alone, marking the most lucrative day in terms of fundraising throughout the campaign period. The substantial fundraising accomplishment was initially reported by Politico.

Seizing the opportunity, Trump’s campaign expedited the capitalization on the mug shot by swiftly offering campaign merchandise featuring the image. The joint fundraising committee initiated sales within two hours of Trump’s release from custody. Additionally, the former president reappeared on the digital landscape, sharing the booking photo on the platform X (formerly known as Twitter) along with a link for contributions. This marked Trump’s return to the social media platform after a hiatus exceeding two years.

The campaign’s spokesperson attributed a surge in “organic money” to Trump’s tweet containing the mug shot and donation link. This boost comes amid broader financial gains, with the campaign purportedly amassing nearly $20 million over the last three weeks. This period aligns with Trump facing separate charges in connection with alleged endeavors to overturn the 2020 election.

However, Trump’s formidable fundraising figures have stirred controversy. Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a fellow contender for the GOP presidential nomination and one of two candidates during a recent debate to commit to not supporting Trump if convicted of a crime, criticized the campaign’s financial strategy. Christie claimed that donors contributing an average of $100 were unwittingly supporting Trump’s legal fees rather than a genuine campaign cause. The former governor labeled this approach as “unethical” and “immoral,” suggesting alternative methods for Trump to cover legal expenses.

As Trump’s campaign continues to harness the financial potential of his recent legal issues, a divisive discourse unfolds regarding the ethics of utilizing such circumstances for financial gain.

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