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Mayor Adams to declare Muslims’ right to use speaker for Adhan in New York City

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Mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, has disclosed plan to declare Muslims’ right to use speaker for Adhan in the City.

This was disclosed in a memo released by the community affairs department.

The memo outlined guidelines for the use of speakers during the Muslim call to prayer, or Adhan.

The move, according to the memo, is aimed at upholding the constitutional right to freedom of religion and facilitating the religious practices of the Muslim community while respecting the broader community’s needs and adhering to local regulations.

The memorandum, signed by Deputy Commissioner Mark T. Stewatt, draws attention to the Declaration of Independence and the fundamental rights it grants to all Americans.

It emphasizes the significance of the freedom of religion and underscores the importance of accommodating the unique religious practices of diverse communities.

Central to the memorandum is the Adhan, a vital ritual for Muslims that serves as a reminder to engage in mandatory prayers and detach from worldly matters.

Typically taking between 2 to 5 minutes to perform, the Adhan is executed five times a day, and its announcement is commonly facilitated through speaker systems.

The document details the timing of these prayers, which are closely aligned with specific periods of the day.

The Fajr prayer marks the early morning hours, the Dhur prayer takes place around 1300 hours, the Asr prayer occurs in the late afternoon before 1800 hours, the Maghrib prayer coincides with sunset, and the Isha prayer is observed during the late evening hours (2000-2100).

To ensure the Muslim community’s religious practices are unimpeded, the memorandum outlines responsibilities for Community Affairs personnel.

Their role involves visiting mosques, or Masjids, to inform them of their right to use speakers for the Adhan.

In the spirit of community harmony, Muslim leaders are encouraged to engage with their neighbors, fostering understanding and goodwill.

The memorandum clarifies that “while houses of worship, including Masjids, don’t require a written permit for speaker use, they must adhere to specific regulations.”

Section 10-108 of the Administrative Code and Administrative Guide Procedure 321-13 outline the rules for using reproduction devices.

The memo states that “These devices must be set to an appropriate decibel level in line with the Department of Environmental Protection’s standards.”

The memo restricts the use of speakers after sunset and permits their use only after 0900 hours, respecting the peace and quiet of the community during early morning and evening hours.

This memo reflects a thoughtful approach to harmonizing religious practices with community considerations, demonstrating a commitment to inclusivity and respect for the rights of all citizens.

The declaration will take place at the City Hall tomorrow

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