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Violinist attacked by repeat offender with extensive criminal history

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Michael Allen, a 34-year-old man with a history of 15 prior arrests and seven convictions, stands accused of attacking a 66-year-old violinist on August 5th as she was leaving a theater on West 45th Street.

The victim was left with a severely injured wrist following the assault.

The accused, Michael Allen, appeared in Manhattan Criminal Court today for arraignment proceedings.

The prosecutor strongly recommended that “bail be set at $50,000 due to Allen’s extensive criminal record, which includes two instances of probation revocation and a history of failing to appear in court for prior cases.”

Despite these concerns, Michael Allen was released without bail but placed under supervised release pending further legal proceedings.

This decision has raised questions about the criminal justice system’s handling of repeat offenders.

Michael Allen faces three open cases tied to a November 29th incident in which he allegedly kicked a police officer and spat in his face while the officer was attempting to arrest him in Times Square.

This incident involved the illegal sale of marijuana from the sidewalk.

The case has ignited a debate about the efficacy of bail and supervision in managing individuals with a history of criminal behavior.

The safety of the community and the protection of victims are at the forefront of this discussion as the legal process continues to unfold.

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