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NYC allocates $35.88m to aid migrants, Mayor warns costs could double

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In a significant move to address the ongoing humanitarian crisis, the city’s Department of Homeless has awarded contracts worth $26.4 million and $9.48 million to the Volunteers of America and Lutheran Social Services of Metropolitan New York, respectively.

These contracts aim to provide essential services to migrants residing at the Paul Hotel in Midtown and the Fairfield Inn in Long Island City.

Both of these locations have been designated as “city sanctuary facilities for families with children,” and they are part of the 200 city shelters currently accommodating nearly 60,000 migrants.

The contracts will cover various services, including housing, food, healthcare, and support programs, to assist these vulnerable populations in their time of need.

Mayor Adams, who has been at the forefront of addressing the migration crisis, expressed his concern over the mounting costs associated with providing shelter and support to the asylum seekers.

The current estimated cost, as reported, stands at $5.2 billion, and the Mayor has cautioned that this figure could potentially double over the course of the next three years.

This unprecedented financial burden underscores the urgency of finding sustainable solutions to alleviate the crisis and support those seeking asylum in New York City.

The allocation of these contracts reflects the city’s commitment to humanitarian efforts and underscores the scale of the challenge it faces in providing a safe haven for migrants.

As New York City continues to grapple with this complex issue, the administration remains dedicated to addressing the needs of those seeking refuge within its borders, while simultaneously seeking long-term solutions to manage the costs involved.

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