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Manhunt Underway: Nationwide search for escaped inmate Daniel Khalife intensifies

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The search for Daniel Abed Khalife, who managed to escape from Wandsworth prison, continues to intensify as law enforcement agencies across the country collaborate in a widespread operation led by the Metropolitan Police Service’s Counter Terrorism Command.

With more than 150 officers and staff involved, authorities are urgently appealing to the public for any information that might lead to Khalife’s capture.

Commander Dominic Murphy, the head of the investigation, stressed the significance of community cooperation, stating, “Since yesterday, over 150 officers and staff have been working around the clock on apprehending Khalife.

“We have issued a nationwide alert that has resulted in increased security at our ports and borders; however, currently, there have not been any confirmed sightings.”

Khalife, declared missing on September 6 at 07:50hrs, triggered an immediate response from the Metropolitan Police, who acted swiftly to trace a delivery van that had left the prison at 08:15hrs.

Officers managed to intercept the van on Upper Richmond Road, near the junction with Carlton Drive, and discovered strapping on the vehicle’s underside.

Investigations reveal that “Khalife likely concealed himself underneath the van and used the strapping as part of his daring escape. Police are now tracing the route of the van after its departure from HMP Wandsworth, appealing to anyone who might have witnessed it during this journey to come forward with information.”

The van’s route began as it exited HMP Wandsworth at 07:32, turning right onto Heathfield Road and left onto Magdalen Road. It continued left onto Trinity Road (A214) up to the Wandsworth Roundabout, taking the first exit onto Swandon Way (A217).

Subsequently, it turned left onto Old York Road, passed Wandsworth Town station, and proceeded to Fairfield Street. After a right onto Wandsworth High Street (A3), it continued straight ahead onto West Hill, eventually reaching Upper Richmond Road (A205).

The focus of the investigation remains on the London area, specifically along this route, as well as the Kingston area, where Khalife has known connections. Khalife’s military background raises concerns that he may possess knowledge to evade authorities effectively.

Although Khalife is not deemed a direct threat to the general public, authorities advise against approaching him if spotted. Instead, they urge individuals to call 999 immediately, emphasizing the importance of community vigilance in assisting with the search for the escaped inmate.

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