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Putin accuses U.S. of politically motivated persecution in Trump legal cases

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has denounced the ongoing legal cases against former U.S. President Donald Trump, describing them as politically motivated persecution and a stark reflection of corruption within American politics. Trump, who is the leading Republican candidate for the 2024 presidential elections, faces a series of criminal charges, including allegations of attempting to overturn the 2020 election results in his favor.

Speaking at the Eastern Economic Forum gathering in Vladivostok, Putin asserted that the unfolding events surrounding Trump underscore the flaws in the American political system. He stated, “Everything that is happening with Trump is the persecution of a political rival for political reasons. That’s what it is. And this is being done in front of the public of the United States and the whole world.”

During his time in office, Trump often touted his positive relationship with Putin and recently claimed he could swiftly resolve the Ukraine crisis if reelected. Putin, however, dismissed any notion of special ties between Trump and Russia as “complete nonsense.”

Despite his criticism of Trump, Putin emphasized that Russia’s relationship with the United States is unlikely to undergo significant changes regardless of who holds the presidency. He suggested that the Biden administration exhibits strong bias against Russia, making it challenging for them to alter the course of bilateral relations.

Tensions between Moscow and Washington, which had already escalated during Trump’s tenure, reached post-Cold War lows following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. Putin framed the legal actions against Trump as indicative of the struggle against what he called “the bestial face of American imperialism.”

Additionally, Putin highlighted Western attempts to curb China’s global rise, expressing admiration for Moscow’s robust ties with Beijing. He asserted that the West’s efforts to restrain China’s progress are futile, declaring, “The train has left.” In separate remarks, Putin criticized the West’s decision to supply Ukraine with cluster bombs and depleted uranium munitions, branding it a crime with no potential to alter the outcome of the ongoing conflict.

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