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Daylight Africa Week 2023 concludes with inspiring moments, exciting future initiatives

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Daylight Africa Week 2023 has drawn to a close, leaving participants with lasting memories and a stronger connection to their African heritage.

The second annual Daylight Africa Week was a captivating journey filled with unexpected encounters and profound discoveries.

Participants had the unique opportunity to explore historical sites such as Goree Island in Senegal, known as the “Door of No Return,” and Kunta Kinteh Island in The Gambia, referred to as “The Final Journey.” Additionally, the group explored Saint Louis, the first French colonial capital in West Africa.

A highlight of the trip was an exclusive visit to a private island in The Gambia owned by a gracious Gambian host. On this enchanting island, African American Women In Cinema hosted a historic film premiere, and Dr. Gloria Bent, one of the travelers, was pleasantly surprised with a birthday celebration. These experiences left participants with profound reflections on Africa’s majestic landscapes and unspoiled environments.

The success of Daylight Africa Week can be attributed to the dedicated and professional coordinators on the ground, whose hospitality, honesty, and commitment to visitor satisfaction were unparalleled.

Overall, Daylight Africa Week 2023, following the inaugural event in 2022, proved to be a resounding success, leaving participants eager for future opportunities.

Looking ahead, the Daylight Africa Week initiative is set to expand its horizons by inviting political, economic, and spiritual leaders to visit the continent starting in 2024, thereby fostering stronger ties between New York and Africa. Delegations from New York City and the state will kick off their annual journeys by visiting the chairperson of the African Union.

With the support of successful fundraising campaigns, Daylight Africa aims to send at least twelve individuals to each African country annually to experience Daylight Africa Week firsthand.

Daylight Africa’s message is clear: Africa is the motherland of humanity, regardless of race or nationality. The initiative aims to unite people with diverse ancestral backgrounds, whether tracing their heritage back to the Exodus, the Transatlantic Enslavement Trade, or more recent migrations.

As a testament to the impact of Daylight Africa Week, we share the heartfelt sentiments of two students from Gambia University who participated in daylong forums during the event:

Student 1: “My thoughts concerning the event held at the university are that I was so impressed about your self-esteem and how you and the whole team inspired me and taught me about the brighter side of Africa. At first, I thought that in Africa, we only had self-centered people who were concerned about their own well-being and families. However, upon listening to your great support and achievements, I erased that concept from my mind and believe that you’re a great hero.

I learned that with teamwork and dedication, we will make Africa a better place over time. The most important lesson I learned from that event is the historical places you visited and the stories, especially the brutal colonial masters during the slave trade. You’re a pan-African working tirelessly to inspire upcoming generations to be their best selves. I was inspired, overwhelmed, and courageous.

I consider you my role model because helping people is the best attribute an individual can have. I am not good with words, but I hope you understand how I felt about the event. Thank you.” – A student at The Gambia University.

Student 2: “Ma Shaa Allah, I am impressed. I never thought such people exist in Africa with the motive of helping young and children with passion and dedication. With your passion, I can feel you really meant everything you said at the university. BRAVO!” – Another student at The Gambia University.

Daylight Africa Week 2023 has left an indelible mark on its participants and reinforced its commitment to building bridges of understanding and unity between Africa and the world.

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