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Assemblywoman Amanda Septimo call for urgent action against shootings in Bronx

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In the wake of a recent surge in shootings in the South Bronx, Assembly Member Amanda Septimo has issued a heartfelt statement, expressing her deep concern and calling for immediate action to address the escalating violence plaguing the community.

Septimo, a dedicated advocate for her constituents in the South Bronx, lamented the tragic situation where residents now live in fear due to the alarming increase in gun-related incidents.

The assembly member, in her statement, highlighted the long-standing issue of underinvestment that has left the community vulnerable to such senseless acts of violence.

“The people of the South Bronx should be able to leave their homes without fear of being caught in deadly crossfire,” said Septimo, her voice filled with urgency and determination. She emphasized that the South Bronx community is no stranger to mourning, pain, and bewilderment, as innocent bystanders are too often caught in the crosshairs while simply going about their lives.

Septimo went on to declare that denouncing the ruthless scourge of violence is essential, but equally important is the need for substantial investment in the community to eradicate this menace.

She called for increased funding for violence interrupter programs, after-school activities, green public spaces, and various mechanisms that have proven effective in reducing violence in communities across the country.

“The people of the South Bronx deserve their fair share of investment in violence interrupter programs, after-school activities, green public spaces, and so many other mechanisms that have been proven to reduce violence in communities across our country,” asserted Septimo.

In response to the latest shootings in Mott Haven, which have left the community heartbroken and alarmed, Septimo pledged to work closely alongside community members, non-profit organizations, and law enforcement to forge lasting solutions to the constant threat of violence gripping the South Bronx.

As the South Bronx grapples with the urgent need for change, Assembly Member Amanda Septimo’s passionate call to action resonates as a beacon of hope for a community determined to reclaim its streets and protect its residents from the ongoing epidemic of violence.

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