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Child dead, 3 hospitalized from overdoses at Bronx day care center

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In a shocking and tragic turn of events, a Bronx day care center became the epicenter of a drug-related crisis when a child lost their life and three others were hospitalized due to overdoses.

The incident has led to the discovery of a substantial quantity of fentanyl on the premises, raising concerns about the safety and oversight of the facility.

Late on Friday night, members of the NYPD’s Emergency Services Unit conducted a search at the troubled day care center, unearthing a disturbing find. Hidden away in a hallway closet, law enforcement stumbled upon a “large taped package” weighing approximately one kilogram, which was later determined to be filled with the deadly synthetic opioid, fentanyl, according to court records.

Further investigation by the police also revealed the presence of two kilo presses, devices commonly used for packaging large quantities of drugs.

These presses were found in the same hallway closet and another in a back room, as detailed in the criminal complaint.

The day care center, owned by an individual identified as Mendez, had received approval to operate in January and had reportedly passed two inspections, one of which was a surprise inspection on September 6, according to city Health Commissioner Ashwin Vasan. However, a glaring oversight emerged during the investigation.

Background checks, which are mandatory for all adults residing in a household where a day care center operates, were notably absent for a renter identified as Brito and Mendez’s husband, who is currently being sought by law enforcement and reportedly also resides on the premises.

The city’s health department mandates that day care center owners declare all household adults over the age of 18 for thorough background checks.

In Mendez’s case, it appears this crucial step was not adequately fulfilled, prompting further inquiries as the investigation into this unsettling incident remains ongoing.

This harrowing situation underscores the critical need for stringent oversight and accountability within the child care industry, with the safety and well-being of young children hanging in the balance.

Authorities continue their efforts to unravel the full extent of this disturbing episode, as the community grapples with the loss of a child and the startling discovery of dangerous narcotics within a seemingly safe environment.

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