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U.S. intel reports Iranian officials taken aback by Hamas assault on Israel

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U.S. intelligence has unveiled surprising information regarding the reactions of senior Iranian officials in the wake of the Hamas-led terror attack on Israel, which unfolded on October 7. Multiple American officials with insights into the situation have indicated that preliminary evidence suggests Tehran’s lack of direct involvement in orchestrating the deadly assault.

While ongoing analysis and data collection efforts may yield further insights, sources privy to the intelligence briefing have disclosed that key Iranian officials, typically knowledgeable about operations in the region, seemed to be unaware of the unfolding attacks. These officials have refrained from disclosing the identities of the Iranian individuals involved or the specifics of the collected intelligence.

U.S. lawmakers were briefed on this matter in a classified setting, underscoring the significance of the situation in Israel and the potential role of Iran. Senior U.S. intelligence official Morgan Muir also provided a briefing to a select group on the matter.

Reports originally surfaced in The New York Times, indicating that U.S. intelligence suggests that Hamas caught senior Iranian officials off guard with their assault.

Throughout the unfolding situation, administration officials have maintained that Iran has long provided material, financial, and logistical support to Hamas. However, as of now, no concrete evidence has been discovered linking the attacks, which resulted in the deaths of over 1,200 Israelis and left thousands wounded, directly to Tehran.

National security adviser Jake Sullivan reiterated, “[W]e have said since the beginning that Iran is complicit in this attack in a broad sense because they have provided the lion’s share of the funding for the military wing of Hamas, they have provided training, they have provided capabilities, they have provided support, and they have had engagement and contact with Hamas over years and years.”

State Department spokesman Matthew Miller expressed the need to examine additional intelligence in the coming weeks and days to better understand this situation. This investigation will explore whether some individuals within the Iranian system had prior knowledge of the attack or contributed to its planning.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken is set to travel to Israel for meetings with senior Israeli officials as a demonstration of solidarity and support. Meanwhile, the U.S. Department of State confirmed that the number of American citizens killed in Israel has risen to 22, with the whereabouts of 20 citizens remaining unknown. There are concerns that some of these individuals may have been taken hostage by Hamas.

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