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MAGA Congressman James Comer exposed for hypocritical business dealings

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In a stunning revelation, hardcore MAGA Congressman James Comer, the chairman of the influential House Oversight Committee, has been exposed for engaging in the very “shady business practices” he vehemently accused Joe Biden of.

The irony is palpable as Comer, a vocal critic of Biden’s alleged dealings with his brother, is now facing scrutiny for his own questionable financial transactions.

Comer, while in a position of power overseeing agricultural policy, received a substantial $200,000 repayment from his brother, mirroring the transactions he condemned Biden for.

This exchange occurred while Comer was actively involved in shaping legislation on the House Agricultural Committee, raising serious concerns about conflicts of interest.

The congressman utilized a suspicious shell company to funnel funds to his brother, a move reminiscent of the “land swaps” and favorable tax treatments he orchestrated.

Such actions, combined with his role in crafting farm policy legislation, create a troubling narrative of potential abuse of political power for personal gain.

Delaney Marsco, senior ethics counsel at the Campaign Legal Centre, expressed concerns about Comer possibly exploiting his political influence for personal advantage.

“Conflicts of interest can occur when members serve on committees overseeing industries in which they are heavily invested or in which their business interests are intertwined,” Marsco stated.

“Voters have a right to know that lawmakers are using their considerable power in the interest of the public, not to game a personal business advantage.”

The rank hypocrisy displayed by Comer is not only staggering but raises questions about the legality of his actions.

Calls for his resignation in disgrace are echoing as the public demands accountability from a congressman who appears to have betrayed the very principles he claimed to champion.

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