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US Senator Cruz fails to back claims of Biden’s “crimes”

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In a nationally televised embarrassment, Senator Ted Cruz found himself stumbling over his own words as he faced tough questions from a FOX News host, leaving millions of viewers questioning his claims about President Biden’s alleged “crimes.”

The heated exchange began when the FOX News host confronted Cruz, demanding, “Do you have ANY evidence that the Department of Justice is covering up crimes for Joe Biden?” Cruz, seemingly unprepared, responded, “Well, unfortunately, it is abundantly clear that the Biden Justice Department is covering for the White House, doing everything to impede the investigation into Hunter Biden and, more significantly, into Joe Biden.”

However, Cruz’s attempt to sway public opinion quickly fell flat as he boldly declared, “We have the text message that Hunter Biden sent to a Chinese Communist official demanding millions of dollars, saying I’m sitting next to my father.”

The senator provided no concrete evidence to support this claim.

Unimpressed, the FOX News host, Maria Bartiromo, pressed Cruz further, asking, “Do you have ACTUAL evidence that Joe Biden made policy decisions based on events that he was actually paid for?”

A visibly flustered Cruz nervously responded, “On the China piece, Joe Biden won’t answer questions on that. So we don’t have any information.”

In a surprising turn of events on the traditionally friendly grounds of FOX News, Cruz failed to deliver any substantial evidence, leaving a void where allegations once stood.

The incident underscores the challenges faced by Republicans in substantiating their claims against President Biden, even in sympathetic media environments.

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