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Parkchester North Condo owners rally for change with bold petition, call for in-person meeting

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In a decisive move to shape the future of their condominium community, unit owners of The Parkchester North Condominium have united in a petition, calling for a special in-person meeting with the full board.

The petition, meticulously adhering to condo bylaws, aims to address crucial issues and foster transparency within the community.

Under the banner of unity, the signed unit owners are leveraging Section 3 of the condo bylaws, asserting their right to a special meeting either through board resolution or a petition signed by at least 25% of unit owners.

The meeting, proposed to be held at St Raymond Auditorium, aligns with the bylaws’ stipulation that the notice must state the time, place, and purpose of the gathering.

The petition outlines a comprehensive agenda, signaling a determined effort to bring about positive change.

Among the key demands are the renegotiation of the renovation loan interest rate from 2005, a move intended to cut costs.

Additionally, unit owners are seeking direct email communication channels for cluster representatives and at-large board members, enhancing accessibility and transparency.

Furthermore, the call for quarterly in-person meetings between cluster representatives and residents underscores a commitment to community engagement.

The request for revisions in Honest Ballot voting results aims to introduce real-time reporting, addressing concerns about transparency during board elections.

Unit owners are also advocating for a shift towards more in-person annual meetings, emphasizing the importance of face-to-face interactions with the board.

This stands in contrast to the current norm of virtual meetings that limits personal engagement.

Transparency emerges as a recurring theme in the petition, with demands for owners to access board minutes and documents without non-disclosure agreements.

Questions about the selection process for capital improvements, such as elevators and ramps, echo a desire for a clearer understanding of how decisions are made.

Addressing practical concerns, the petition proposes signage in lobbies featuring contact information for a local ambulette company, offering assistance during elevator outages for elderly and disabled residents.

The request to instruct the Department of Public Safety to distribute the ambulette number further demonstrates the commitment to community welfare.

Finally, the petition advocates for regular meetings between Parkchester Working Group leadership and management, underscoring the need for ongoing collaboration and communication.

This bold petition, seeking transformative changes within The Parkchester North Condominium, reflects a community actively engaging in shaping its destiny.

As signatures continue to pour in, the unit owners are poised to make their voices heard in the pursuit of a more transparent, accessible, and community-focused future.

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