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Scandal unveiled, Governor Sanders faces backlash over lavish $13,000 football season kickoff bash

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In a shocking revelation, MAGA Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders is under fire once again as details emerge of her extravagant use of taxpayer funds.

The controversy surrounds a staggering $13,000 spent on hosting a “kickoff party” for the Arkansas Razorbacks’ 2023 football season at the governor’s mansion.

The bombshell report exposes the Governor’s profligate spending, painting a picture of a leader who seemingly treats the state treasury as her personal coffers.

The invite-only event, dubbed the “Undefeated Party,” featured the university’s head coach, three costumed mascots, cheerleaders, the dance team, and members of the school band.

Ironically, the team, touted as “undefeated” in the party title, has since struggled on the field, garnering a disappointing 3-7 record.

This raises question about the Governor’s judgment and the appropriateness of using public funds for such lavish celebrations.

According to records from the Department of Transformation & Shared Services, the final bill for the extravagant event totaled $13,081.36.

A breakdown reveals that $1,429.22 was spent on special tablecloths ordered through Amazon, while a whopping $4,500 was allocated for food and beverages, allowing attendees to indulge at the taxpayers’ expense.

Critics argue that Governor Huckabee Sanders’ spending priorities are misplaced, diverting funds from essential public services like roads and healthcare to fund opulent gatherings for her associates.

The controversy adds to a growing list of scandals plaguing the Governor, further diminishing her credibility and public trust.

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