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Former CIA Director Petraeus forecasts prolonged Israeli campaign in Gaza

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Former CIA Director and US General David Petraeus asserted that Israel’s military operation in Gaza is anticipated to extend over several months. Notably, Petraeus emphasized the absence of a clear Israeli statement regarding objectives beyond incapacitating Hamas.

Petraeus contended that preventing the reconstruction of Hamas remains a crucial factor in Israel’s determination to sustain the conflict. Expressing concern over the region’s reluctance to take responsibility post-war, the former CENTCOM commander revealed that there are no apparent volunteers to manage Gaza.

Moreover, Petraeus underscored the imperative for the United States to maintain unwavering support for Israel, citing potential geopolitical ramifications if Washington were perceived as abandoning its allies. The former military leader warned of possible repercussions, including scrutiny from nations like China, emphasizing the necessity for the US to uphold its role as a steadfast ally in the tumultuous Middle East.

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