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Congressman Raskin reveals compelling evidence of Trump’s enrichment during presidency, echoes republicans’ claims against Biden

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In a recent episode of Michael Cohen’s podcast, “Mea Culpa,” Congressman Jamie Raskin (D-MD) has unveiled what he asserts to be convincing proof of Donald Trump’s substantial financial gains while serving as president.

Strikingly, the evidence mirrors the unfounded allegations that Congressional Republicans are directing towards President Joe Biden’s alleged involvement in dubious financial dealings.

Raskin alleges that Trump amassed tens of millions from various countries, including China, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia, cleverly disguised as payments to his businesses, golf courses, and hotels.

Notably, he points out an additional $2 billion received by Jared Kushner from Saudi Arabia for his private equity firm, established immediately after the conclusion of the Trump Administration.

Despite these claims, any investigation into Trump’s financial gains during his presidency appears to face obstacles in a Republican-controlled House of Representatives. Instead, Trump’s allies have been conducting hearings focused on Hunter Biden, the Department of Justice, the FBI, and others on the former president’s list of grievances.

Raskin emphasized the financial motive behind Trump’s foray into politics, stating, “This is a money-making operation. When Donald Trump got into this, it was with the kleptocratic ambition of making millions, hundreds of millions, and billions of dollars.”

The intricacies of Trump’s net worth remain elusive, compounded by his ongoing trial for alleged falsification.

Accusations of both inflating his wealth and undervaluing properties for tax purposes have added complexity to the assessment. Despite falling off Forbes’ list of wealthiest Americans, an analysis conducted a few months after leaving office indicated that Trump’s businesses had seen a significant increase in revenue, amounting to approximately $2.4 billion from January 2017 to December 2020.

As Trump navigates legal challenges and the fallout from financial scrutiny, the debate over the legitimacy of his wealth continues to captivate public and political attention.

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