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BBC News presenter Maryam Moshiri apologizes after flipping middle finger live on air

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BBC News presenter Maryam Moshiri issued a formal apology subsequent to an incident during which she displayed the middle finger on live broadcast. The incident occurred on Wednesday, where Moshiri, the chief presenter of the British network, cited engagement in light-hearted banter with her team as the reason for the gesture.

The video clip of this incident went viral on social media, amassing over 700,000 views. Moshiri clarified on X that she was simulating a countdown, using her fingers to mimic the process. Unbeknownst to her, the camera captured her turning her middle finger around in jest as the countdown reached one.

In her statement on X, Moshiri expressed regret, emphasizing that the gesture was intended as a private joke among the team and not meant for public broadcast. She extended apologies to anyone who may have been offended, asserting that her actions were unintentional. BBC News has refrained from providing further comments on the matter.

Maryam Moshiri, a mother of three, assumed the role of chief presenter in February following the merger of BBC’s news channels. Her apology post on X garnered significant attention, amassing 2.1 million views and eliciting nearly 3,000 comments within a few hours.

Some commentators on the platform acknowledged the incident as a harmless jest, showcasing a range of reactions from the audience.

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