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Mayor Adams takes swift action with innovative safety measures in wake of NYCHA tragedy

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Mayor Eric Adams has unveiled a comprehensive set of initiatives.

The initiatives were unveiled during a press conference held on Tuesday December 5, 2023.

With the incident marking the 18th fire-related death this year, the Mayor, flanked by key city officials, outlined measures aimed at not only addressing immediate safety issues but also enhancing the overall safety landscape of the city.

Commencing the conference, Mayor Adams lauded Fire Commissioner Laura Kavanaugh for her proactive approach to tackling the national issue of fires caused by lithium-ion batteries, particularly in e-bikes.

He emphasized the dual nature of these batteries, essential for livelihoods yet potential hazards, and applauded Commissioner Kavanaugh’s innovative strategies.

Underlining the significance of the “Charge Safe, Ride Safe” plan introduced earlier this year, Mayor Adams emphasized its multifaceted approach, encompassing smart regulation, expanded education, robust enforcement, and the replacement of unsafe batteries with UL-certified alternatives.

“For many New Yorkers, e-bikes are not just a luxury; they are considered to be a livelihood,” he explained.

To address ongoing safety concerns, Mayor Adams announced a new pilot program scheduled for an early 2024 launch.

This initiative seeks to provide safe public e-bike charging options for delivery workers, incorporating innovative solutions such as battery swapping networks and secure bike parking docks.

Emphasizing the move towards outdoor charging, the Mayor highlighted the risks associated with indoor charging.

Shifting the focus to crime statistics, Chief of Crime Control Strategies Michael LiPetri presented encouraging numbers, revealing an overall decrease in crime for both the month and year to date.

Mayor Adams, while acknowledging recent high-profile incidents, stressed the positive trend, stating, “Five out of the seven major crime categories are down.”

In his closing remarks, Mayor Adams addressed the emotional toll of recent tragedies and affirmed his commitment to ensuring public safety.

“This is about striking that balance. It’s about understanding the emotional toll of those who want to ensure they have the ability to live, work, and play safely,” he asserted, aiming to reassure New Yorkers that the city is actively working towards creating a safer environment that considers the diverse needs of the community.

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